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Reseller Agreement


By signing up for a seller account on Download Market you grant us a non exclusive right to promote, sell and distribute your downloadable products. You also grant Download Market and its affiliate the right to use your trade names or trademarks associated with the products you publish through this service.

Download Market provides a web based service with tools to promote and sell your downloadable products but we do not give any guarantees regarding sales volume or take over any responsibilities regarding your producst towards your customers. It is your responsibility to provide your customers with support and refund faulty goods.


Download Market will not publish pornographic content or products that promote violent or unlawful behaviour. By uploading products to Download Market you ensure that you are the copyright holder of the products or have attained the rights to let us sell the products from the copyright holder.

Products that violate copyright or any other laws will be deleted immediately. A warning will be issued to you if you have uploaded such content and if no acceptable explanation to why this has happened can be provided by you, your seller account will be terminated. No setup or upgrade fees will be refunded.


Download Market charges a setup fee of $49 to activate a seller account plus a transaction charge which is currently 20% of the product's price. Commissions to sellers and affiliates are paid weekly through PayPal when a minimum amount of $60 is owed. Download Market will not pay commissions through any other payment method. Any transfer fees on the commission payouts are paid by the seller or affiliate receiving the payment.

Download Market does not provide the seller with a merchant account or payment service. Download Market acts as a reseller of your products and all payments are done through our payment processor accounts. Any attempt to mislead the customer by describing Download Market as a payment processor will result in a warning and could result in termination of the seller account.


Download Market does not accept any kind of legal responsibility for your products towards buyers or any other party. You are solely responsible for any damage, material or immaterial, caused by your actions or by the files and products you publish at Download Market.

You warrant that the products you publish at Download Market will work as described to the buyer and that the products will not cause any kind of damage. You agree to protect Download Market from any loss or claims incurred by faults in the content you publish through this service.

Refund Policy

Publisher service fees for the use of the Download Market publishing and promotion service are non refundable.

Refunds for downloadable products sold through the Download Market are the responsibility of the publisher of the products. Download Market will provide customers with contact details for the publisher upon request.

Privacy Policy

Download Market collects your personal or business information when you sign up for our services or buy any of the products published here. To enable the functionality of this service we will store information in cookies in your web browser. This information will never be used for any other purpose than internally by this website to make it possible for you to use its features. To protect ourselves from fraud we also keep a record of your IP number.

Download Market will not provide any personal or business information collected from publishers to any third party except customers wishing to claim a refund.

Download Market will not provide any personal information collected from our customers to any third party except publishers of the products the customers purchase.