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A Worthy Heir PDF
A Worthy Heir PDF Direct Download! (Pdf, 611 kB)
Romantic fiction by the Queen of Rubenesque Romances, Pat Ballard. All Pamela Spencer wants is to help her brother, Tom, get his life back on track after a job-related accident. He's confined to a wheelchair, unable to do anything except endure excruciating pain. When Pam discovers an ad in the newspaper advertising for "a worthy heir" to inherit Fiona Bainbridge's millions, she jumps at the chance that will allow Tom to be back under a doctor's care. After all, it was Fiona's company, Bainbridge Corporation, that caused Tom's problems in the first place. Reese Bainbridge, Fiona's grandson, has refused to have anything to do with Bainbridge Corporation. But he quickly returns home when he discovers that his fanatical grandmother has run an ad in the newspaper for someone to replace him as her heir. His frustration with his grandmother grows much stronger when he discovers that she has moved the beautiful, voluptuous, green-eyed blonde and her freeloading brother into the house that he's supposed to inherit. Sparks will fly--and Pam is up to the challenge.
Price: $4.95